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With this ensemble having formed in the spring of 2003, it's probably safe to say that they have lost the new band smell. Yet, all that time in the dusty saddle has only made them more enthusiastic, and better musicians, who still love to keep learning new music, and about music.  They also have a new lead guitarist, who, while stepping in some tough to fill shoes (those of the mighty H-man!), has brought with him a new enthusiasm, and fun feel to the band.  This band has a long as the Rolling Stones keep at it, so will they!  Now, aside from being very good friends, who actually like each other, a lot of musical experience comes together with this this assemblage. So let's meet them... 


Stan - If you don't know him, chances are he knows YOU. A professional bartender and restaurant owner in the Annapolis area for many years, his mustache is always recognizable. He, along with his partner, known only as 'Joe', own 'Stan and Joe's Saloon', a staple in the downtown Annapolis restaurant scene. They also own Stan and Joe's Riverside in Galesville. Stan, the groups lead singer (as far as he knows) has sung all of his life, is a trained vocalist, and is an excellent vocal stylist. He sang with the Annapolis Vocal Corps for many years where he learned a lot about vocal harmonies.He also plays a mean triangle.


Paul Michael (PM), an owner of a electronic security systems company, is the rhythm guitarist, 2nd lead singer, and is also a gifted 'harp' player. Playing harmonica since he was a child, his abilities can wow an audience. The band is always glad to show him off when he's not playing guitar. He has peformed jingles and muscial promotions for the Nationally Syndicated Greaseman Show. He also founded, directed, and arranged for "The Annapolis Vocal Corps" an 7-member accapella group that has performed on nationally syndicated radio, on a Bud-Lite television commercial, sang at the White House for the Clinton Administration, and performed the National Anthem at Orliole Park at Camden yards 11 times (more than any other group.)


Pat, the groups alto singer, and Keyboard Player, is a former drummer who is happy to be the bands percussionist as well!. You may have seen his picture on the post office wall, but only because he works there as a manager. Pat rounds out the bands sound by adding tambo, MORE cow bell, and conga beat. He occasionally snaps his fingers too. Pat has been in several competitive barbershop quartets, and is quite versed in vocal harmonies. His vocal range and  pleasing tones add a lot to the unique vocal sound and blend of the band.  


George, the drummer, is a veteran musician and is capable of playing a wide variety of musical styles. He has backed many national acts including the original "Charlie Thomas' Drifters". In 'real life' he is the head nurse in a hospital emergency room. AND the ladies always seem to admire his set (of drums). George was inducted into the Maryland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018.


Dave, the bass player and tenor singer works for the U.S. Dept. Of Justice. Nuff said. He sang tenor for ten years with the internationally renowned championship barbershop quartet, ARCADE, which had sung at some hifalutin venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, and Constitution Hall and the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., just to name a few.  Dave is known in the 'Barbershop Society' for his skill as a vocal technician when singing tenor, and his unique vocal tones. But you would never know it through his speaking voice. When he talks, he sounds like a frog. Dave also arranges, edits, and assigns the harmony parts for the band.  

John, the group’s new lead guitarist, also runs Secret Sound recording studio, where the band recorded it's CD. He’s started playing when he was 10 and played full time in countless Mid-Atlantic bands and venues until he retired in the early ‘90s to devote himself to recording and producing countless CDs for Mid Atlantic bands and singer/songwriters. He has worked with members of Santana, Kenny G’s band, jazz luminaries Nancy Wilson and Najee, and was featured in Guitar Player magazine’s “Spotlight on New Talent” column in January ’83.   But the band has dusted him off, and dragged him out of his windowless, sub-terranian studio to come full circle and perform live once again! He's digging it.  So is the audience.

So, are they going to come out singing 'Coney Island Baby'? Don't bet on it. These guys are rockers . They just happen to love harmony. And what do they want? Just preserve and perform classic rock and roll the way you want to hear it, using well balanced instrumentation and strong vocal harmonies, tempered with a sincere love for the music we all grew up with. 

So they invite you to come along with them any time, and share this fun nostalgic music with them.  Their show schedule is above, under 'Dates' 

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